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BPR Ceramic BB by HSC

BPR Ceramic BB by HSC

Aerospace grade quality seal hybrid ceramic bearings, Grade 3 silicon nitride balls.


For Shimano







 BB42 ( BB30 to Shimano crank conversion BB  )

The bb42 is a bb30 adapter.  Think of it as a traditional outboard bearing bottom bracket that presses in instead of threading in.  The OD of the cup is 42mm so that it presses right into a BB30.  The ID of the bearing in the cup is 24mm so it works with standard Shimano Hollowtech cranks.  The bearings sit outboard making the effective width 90mm which is what Shimano and Campag UT cranks require.  This does not require you to first have a BB30 bearing kit installed on your bb30 frame, the bearings are part of the adapter.  The weight is 89 grams.  So if you have a BB30 frame without bearings already installed and want to run a Shimano crank this is the adapter for you.

BB30 Press Fit ( 46mm OD )

BB30PFis a refinement of BB30.  BB30 has a couple of potential short comings.  Frame builder could not able to make the bottom bracket shell in prefect alignment. It like digging a tunnel from 2 end. The prescribe close tolerance is impossible to archive from mass manufacturing. Frame builder would build frame with lose fit instead of interference fit. Frame sometimes suffer from creaking noises from the bearing/frame interface.  BB30PF uses a regular bb30 crankset.  Where BB30PF varies is in it’s installation.  Whereas bb30 has the bearing press directly into the frame, BB30PF has a Delrin cap between the bearing and the frame.  This means that the bottom bracket shell on the frame has to be even larger than a bb30 shell.  While BB30PF does use the same 6806 bearing when you account for the cup the OD of the bottom bracket and the ID of the frame need to be 46mm as opposed to the 42mm of bb30.  Like bb30, BB30PFuses a 30mm spindled crank and 68mm shell width.  The delrin cups however do self-align and  prevent creaking noises.



BB86 is basically an improve Shimano fit.  It’s designed to work with 86mm press fit BB shell / Shimano Hollowtech cranks combo. The bearings ride in a delrin cup, keeps the bearings in prefect alignment & prevent creaking noises.



Customer review

Hi Andy,

The ceramic bearing BB I got from you guys last week helped me win the Australian Masters 1 Time Trial championships in Canberra last Thursday - must have been the silky smooth bearings that made all the difference! :)



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bprcbb 100% compatible with Shimano or SRAM
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