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CHAMPIONE custom steel frame

CHAMPIONE custom steel frame


Full custom geometry & fitting

Columbus Spirit  HHS from $2000

Columbus Life, Keirin, SL, MAX,  Mini Max, Spirit from $1850

Columbus Zona from $1650

Single colour, without Fork

custom paint POA

Build by Dutch builder with more than 30 year experience.

Frame is individual made one by one, not from a production line.

May It be Road, Track, Cyclo Cross, Audax or Touring, 29" or XC.



Tubing Material Ultimate Strength Minimum Elongation Description
Columbus Life/Spirit Niobium 177-205 KSI 14% min The extreme strength of this alloy allows Columbus to draw the tubes to thinner specifications than ever before, down to 0.38mm! The chemical makeup of this alloy produces excellent hardening and reduces the sensitivity to overheating by maintaining a fine-grained structure. This tubing is marginally heavier than aluminum while still possessing the strength and ride qualities of steel. Spirit tubes are 20% thinner for even more weight savings, and also offered in special shapes.



Columbus Zona Nivacrom 134-149 KSI 10% min Nivacrom alloy has been developed especially for cycling with all considerations taken. The asymmetric double-butted tubes go through a series of treatments that homogenize the mechanical properties, giving the tubes great fatigue behavior and weld ability. This tube set produces a bike of moderate weight and notable strength with a compliant steel ride.




Product Code Description Attributes Price  
championetigframe TIG construction offers incredible frame design flexibility

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