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CHAMPIONE custom stainless steel frame

CHAMPIONE custom stainless steel frame

Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing with 195 KSI yield strength,

Columbus XCr shares similar ride charachteristics to the Spirit frame with a little more strength and a little more stiffness.

XcR is completley corrosion resistant and will outlast any other bike while still remaining a pleasure to ride every single time.



XCR, MAX XCR From $3000 


Polished without fork


In cooperation with Trafiltubi ed Aubert & Duval, the new Columbus seamless tube set in stainless steel named XCr, is created. Starting form a specific request of the military industry, looking for a valid substitute for cadmium plated temper hardening steels which could no longer be produced because of their highly polluting manufacturing process, a new martensitic stainless steel with high content of Chromium and Molybdenum and Nickel as alloy elements which increase the mechanical and weldability characteristics, was created. The martensitic main structure contains traces of austenite that reduces the possibility of crack formation especially during the welding process.
The great weldability properties of the new XCr stainless steel, together with its high fatigue resistance and its extraordinary geometrical stability at high temperatures, make this material the natural element for welded structures, such as bicycle frames. Thanks to the high stiffness/weight and UTS/weight ratios (better than titanium and aluminium alloys) together with the elevated characteristics of corrosion resistance, it is possible to manufacture triple butted tubes to build extremely light and indestructible frames.





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