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B'Spoke R1 : titanium road bike optimized for 700 X 25 to 30mm tyre

from $6500


That what an R1 owner from Bathrust quoted

" I truly love this bike! I had it custom built by Andy Choy and would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a classy, quality design bike to trust Andy to build a bike to suit.

I completely trusted Bikepro to build me this bike to suit my riding, which can best be described as a serious recreational cyclist.

I have owned numerous bikes over the years but can confidently say this bike is a pleasure to ride. It handles corners, hills and climbs with smoothness and ease. I feel safe, no shudders, and so comfortable to ride.

The tyres just seem to roll under me and glide. The presentation is sophisticated and oozes with quality. I have had so many people stop and ask about it and I feel proud and privileged to own this bike. It is a perfect fit.

Thank you so much for all the attention to detail you have put into designing and making the best bike I have ever ridden."


B'Spoke ONE : titanium gravel bike which perform like a road bike

Optimized for 700 x 32 to 40mm tyre

B'spoke Xplorer

Optimized for 700 x 40 to 50mm tyre

ETA : 4Q 2022


All the wheels that we build come with lifetime no broken spoke guarantee ( with approved parts )