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Champione was developed 5 years ago by BikePro as a high end custom steel & stainless steel brand. The geometry of the frames were designed by us here in Melbourne to the needs and wants of the customer, then were built by a reputable European frame builder. All Champione frames are subject to stringent quality control at every stage of production, and hence meet the European CEN standard, ensuring you get the highest quality frame. However, due to the ever increasing demand of steel frames, BikePro are now proud to introduce the new range of Champione production frames. They are hand built, frame by frame, by the same people, so the quality and attention to detail of these 'production' frames are just as high as the custom frames that have been built over the past 5 years. During these 5 years, much experience has been gained and relationship with the frame builder improved, so you know you're getting the highest quality frame. We have been using the best tubing such as the Reynolds 953 and the Columbus XcR to build our frames since we launched in 2006. Some people thought we were crazy for launching a custom steel frame brand, but in reality, we were just 5 years ahead of our time.

Our move towards a so-called 'production frame' is due to the lengthy wait on customs frames, due to the supply limits of the work shop. By providing our frame builder with a set template of geometry, they'll be able to build frames almost instantly without the need for contact back and forth between us and them regarding geometric limitations. As such, all our frames will still be 'customly built', just not customly designed for the inidividual.The quality of our frames also translates and applies to other products in the Champione range. As mentioned above, every Champione product meet and exceed the European safety standards (CEN), so you can be sure that Champione = quality.

Origin of "Champione"
The name "Champione" was suggested to us by an Italian customer, meaning "champion". After the first production frame was manufactured, another Italian customer came in, and told us that it is in fact "Campione" and not "Champione". Out of curiosity, Andy did some research on the word champione. He found that "Champione" is used by a lot of Australian Italians, and is almost the "Australian" way of say champion in Italian. It is then that we decided to stick with the Aussie Italian "Champione". The Italian sounding name is by no means a ploy by us to pretend to be Italians to increase the prestige of the brand. Rather, we like to think of the name as "Aussie Italian", representing what we're about and just what influences our designs and geometry of "Champione" frames. In essence, Champione is the pinnacle European workmanship, coupled with European inspired geometric design, specifically tailored for the Australian market. By the Australian market, we refer to a multipurpose frame that is tough and durable, which can be used however you desire (racing, training, commuting) while maintaining its elegance and class, ie. a bike that does it all.