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Custom Wheels FAQ

BikePRO Custom Wheel

There are so many factory wheels in the market, why I should buy your wheels?

Ultimately, our custom built wheels perform better than factory wheels. They are stronger, lighter, and more aero dynamic. Every single spoke is hand tensioned, and checked, to ensure even tensioning throughout each wheel. As a result, there is no weak spot on the wheel for it to fail. BikePRO custom wheels are pre-stress ( do not need re-tensioning after the first few rides ) All spokes are cut in house to make sure the spoke length are correct.

Our wheels also have a much lower overall running cost than factory wheels. Apart from our famous 2 year 'no broken spoke, no out of true' guarantee, we stock all spare parts that are needed to build the wheels. So if the wheels need repairing, the cost of it (free if under warranty conditions) and overall down time is much lower than factory wheels, which need specific spokes to be sent (expensive & time consuming) and additional labor costs.

Are your wheels covered by warranty?

Yes,we offer a 2 year guarantee to all our wheels. (return & pick up from base)

What is not covered by warranty?

  1. Permanent disformation of rim & spoke (a material undergoing non-reversible changes of shape in response to applied forces). For example, deformations due to: a crash, hitting a pothole, over-inflation of tyres. wear of rim & bearing. This is not a manufacturing or assembly fault, therefore it is not covered by our warranty.
  2. Oxidization of material (rusting). When most metals are in contact with acidic water, it undergoes a chemical reaction (oxidization). This reaction produces rust, and hence it is important to make sure the wheel is dry, and not high-pressure hose hub seal-type areas. It is best to use a mild soap to neutralise the acid that may be in the water (ie from salt, sweat etc).
  3. Wheel having been tempered (or adjusted) by 2nd party

What is the maximum recommended pressure of your wheels ?

700 x 20mm - 130 psi

700 x 23mm - 120 psi

700 x 25mm - 110 psi

700 x 28mm - 100 psi

higher pressures beyond the above pressure did not make the bike roll faster, there are plenty of scientific studies that show over-inflating tires actually increases rolling resistance of clincher tires (makes you slower).

Are your wheels pre-build or custom?

All BikePRO wheels are custom built in our workshop, in Melbourne, Victoria. Using best components & tools available.

Are you wheels tested?

Yes, we test our wheels before their release. It have won a few national & state championship & many local races

Are your weights claimed or actual weights?

The weight of our wheels is the actual weight, although a (+ or -) of 50grams is given due to manufacturing tolerances. Be mindful also that many manufacturers actually under claim the weight of their wheels by up to 100's of grams.; To get the real weigh for comparison check out: Weight Weenies

Are skewers included in the price of wheels?

Skewers & rim tapes are included in the price of the wheel. Brake pad and wheels bags are not included with the wheels.

Are the components manufactured by a reputable company?

The rims, hubs, spokes & skewers are imported from the factories directly. The products are scoured from around the world to ensure the best products. The wheels are then built here, in Melbourne, to ensure the strictest wheel building quality control. Only the highest quality sealed bearings are used. The rims & hubs are manufactured by the best manufacturers, who OEM for many major companies around the world

Are the hubs Campagnolo or Shimano (Sram) compatible?

All wheels can be either Shimano (Sram), or Campagnolo compatible, the choice is yours. There is also an option to buy an extra freewheel body to easily interchange between then two in needed.

Are the wheels rated for weight of the rider?

The Wheels have a weight rating. However, as all wheels are custom built, heavier riders have the option of using a heavier gauge spoke for a stronger wheel.

Is BikePRO a etailer ?

BikePRO have a physical shop front with a full operating workshop, that has been open to the public since July 2001.

Can you send the wheels interstate ?

postage & handling is

$30 ( VIC & SA )

$40 ( NSW & QLD )

$50 ( NT, WA )

Can you discount the wheels any further?

At BikePRO we aim to provide extremely competitive pricing. We believe our pricing to be exceptional reasonable. If we receives a cheaper price from the factory we pass that saving onto the consumer, as we feel that's the way it should be.